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If Marriage Could Pray - reveals the truth about one of the most sensitive subjects on earth, marriage. As you journey through its pages, you will discover how to receive genuine discernment to guide you through life. You will discover a passageway and a compass that will lead you into a deeper understanding of the concept of marriage. You will see the design of marriage unfold as the author illustrates how Adam and Eve’s coming together as one, reveals a prophetic picture of the three dimensions of marriage.

You will discover the importance of having the Seven-fold Spirit of God and His attributes operating in your life and marriage. You will see clearly what is governing your thoughts, and you will discover the meaning and importance of El De’ot.

You will find the long awaited answers you have searched for concerning the sensitive and difficult questions about divorce. What are the biblical grounds for divorce? What should I do if I have married the wrong person? Is there a right person for me?

Guided by the Holy Spirit the author reveals the truth concerning the concept of marriage. Man did not invent marriage so in reality it is not a manmade institution! In fact, God’s concept for marriage is far reaching and goes beyond any invention or idea that man could ever imagine, because the concept of marriage was conceived in the Mind of God.

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